Jon Kemp


Over 38 years of marketing and advertising experience

Jon has been in the advertising world since TVs had tubes. He grew up in the marketing business and has seen the industry evolve over the years. He considers those changes, changes for good, and has embraced the dynamic world of online marketing. Jon enjoys bringing his trademark sense of humor and keen marketing intuition to digital efforts as well as traditional ones. A lifelong resident of High Point and a graduate of High Point University, Jon grew up in the advertising business. His dad, Ed Kemp, started the company in 1961. Jon has a comprehensive knowledge of both traditional advertising and online marketing. With 38 years of experience, he has seen what works, and what doesn’t. In marketing, as in life, there is no substitute for experience.

Skill areas:

  • Project and account management
  • Creative direction
  • Website development
  • TV/Radio production
  • Social Media Promotions Strategy
  • Copy writing and content development
  • Media oversight
  • Budgeting
  • Social media Content Development